What Lies Behind

What_Lies_Behind_coverWhat Lies Behind

Every family has its secrets…

Behind the clouds of dementia, Lillian holds memories of a life that her granddaughter Lisa could never imagine. From her childhood in 1920s and 30s Toronto, to a young World War II society bride, through scandal and unthinkable tragedies, Lillian kept her extraordinary life a secret, retreating into a lonely, bitter existence. Curious about her grandmother’s mysterious past, Lisa unearths a long-buried secret that may finally bring the truth to light.



“Since I had an absolute love affair with Cynthia Hill’s first book, Idol Hands, I had rather high expectations for her second book, What Lies Behind.  First off, let me just say that the two books are TOTALLY different in every way, save one – I love them both!!” Book Drunkard

“An enchanting novel about families, love, mistakes and redemption, What Lies Behind is a touching and heart-wrenching account of how love and hurt can shape your life.” – Best Chick Lit

“Perhaps the most beautifully heartbreaking part of this story is for the reader to see how similar these two women are, but neither will ever know how close their connection is beyond blood.” Change the Word (also named one of Change the Word’s favourite books of 2012!)

“Hill has penned a very different book about love, family, and the secrets we harbor. What Lies Behind is reminiscent of The Notebook… Keep a box of tissues close by, they’ll come in handy several times between chapters… A wonderful telling of never-forgotten memories held within families.” – In D’Tale Magazine (5* Crowned review!)

“So you know how some people (including myself) are often afraid to read self-published books? This one embodies everything that is wonderful about novels – self-published, independently published, or published by one of the big publishing houses. It was well written, really highly edited, with great pacing and very well-developed characters. If every self-published book were written like this, I would be reading a lot more of them.” Once Upon a Bookshelf


“This is a moving tale of one woman’s life. A story that explained her. A story her family needed to know. I was drawn to the main character. This is a beautiful telling of where she has been and what she has seen.”

“What lies behind… a question I think… a question whose answer is revealed over the course of Lillian’s story but perhaps more importantly begs a personal answer from each of the readers themselves. What lies behind each of our daily presenatations and known family history? If this book is any indication… it’s worth finding out. Enjoy this book and the beauty of the story created by Cynthia Hill… and then share it and savour it.”

“When reading this book you are reminded that we all have a story to tell, whether that story is good or bad. You never know what a person has gone through in their lives and what has made them the way they are. I really recommend this book!”

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