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  • Five Lessons for My Daughter as She Starts High School

    Sep 1, 15 • 1715 Views • BlogNo Comments

    This week, my little girl started high school. My little girl with the Shirley Temple curls, the little girl who could bat her long eyelashes over her big blue eyes and charm anyone. My little girl who seemed to become a teenager overnight. I know she’s...

  • Why I’m Not Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

    Aug 22, 14 • 15072 Views • Blog1 Comment

    Well, it happened: as much as I was hoping that my lack of social media presence these days would make everyone forget all about me during these days of the viral “Ice Bucket Challenge”, it was not to be. One of my very best friends, who I love...

  • Here Comes Santa Claus?

    Nov 18, 13 • 2103 Views • Blog, Climbing Up The SlideNo Comments

    An old friend of mine (as in, a friend who has incriminating picture from before your antics immediately ended up on Instagram anyway) is a new first-time mom. She posted on Facebook yesterday wondering how other parents handle the “Santa issue.”...