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  • I Don’t Need Mother’s Day

    May 12, 13 • 2109 Views • Blog, Climbing Up The Slide1 Comment

    Thirteen years ago right now, I was waiting. It was a few days after this that I underwent a procedure that would determine if I was going to be a mother or not. I was driving in to Toronto from just south of Barrie, Ontario every morning before 9am to have...

  • A Conspiracy Theory

    Sep 14, 12 • 7397 Views • Blog, Climbing Up The Slide4 Comments

    I have a LONG commute every day. From my door to my office door usually takes about 1hr, 45 min EACH WAY. Like I said, LONG. I do a ton of reading (it’s okay, I take a train: I’m not reading while driving like some Megacity Mayors that we know),...