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I created this site as a way to promote my own novels, and update my readers, but lately it’s become my book blog, too. I like sharing other author’s work – it’s good book karma!

That being said, I won’t ever trash an author’s book, but I also won’t ever say I love a book when I don’t. I always try to be fair. It’s very rare that I don’t finish a book once I’ve started it, but it has happened, and in this case, I won’t do a review. If a book is riddled with errors, I am unlikely to finish it. My acceptance of a book in no way guarantees a favorable review, or any review at all.

I’m happy to consider review requests from publishers and authors, and to take suggestions for books that I might like to read. I’m fairly eclectic in my tastes, but the genres I rarely – if ever – read tend to be science fiction and fantasy. I tend to be most drawn to:

  • Chick Lit
  • Historical Fiction
  • Thrillers
  • Mysteries
  • Literary Fiction

I will occasionally pick up a straight romance novel, or a YA, but they really have to intrigue me. I have no problem with erotica, as long as it’s well-written, and has some kind of plot line.

I do have a Kobo, so I am able to accept .epub copies (preferably). I can read Kindle books on my phone, and have in the past read .pdfs on my Kobo, but I’m less likely to read a book in these formats.

Most of the time I will try to read books in the order in which I received them, unless I agree to a certain date for a post right from the start.

I use the Goodreads star ratings for my reviews:

5* – It was amazing!

4* – I really liked it.

3* – I liked it.

2* – It was okay.

1* – I did not like it.

I am also open to doing occasional product reviews if I feel that they are a good fit for my site. For example, a great new kitchen tool probably isn’t going to be accepted, but e-readers, or products for kids would be great. My kids are all school-age now, so it’s unlikely that I would ever accept a product intended for infants or toddlers, although I’m happy to refer to some of my blogger friends. Again, my acceptance of the product does not guarantee a good review, but I will always be fair.

Please send all review requests to or use the Contact form in the menu above.

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