The Ship is Anchor’d Safe and Sound: Depression Lies

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“Did you used to try and sit like Mork when you were a kid?”

robinwilliamsThis is what I asked my husband at the dinner table tonight. We had just heard about Robin Williams’ death, and it had hit us both hard – my husband, especially: Robin Williams was one of his heroes.

Didn’t every kid of the 70s sit that way at least once?

I’m at a loss. I feel a little bit like that kid sitting upside down, trying to pretend she was from Ork – dizzy and disoriented.

But to know that it was a likely suicide? Shattering.

Depression is insidious: it sneaks up, and overwhelms. It can make you angry, frightened, and hopeless. It can make you feel like you’re drowning. It can make you feel numb.

It can come in times of stress or sadness, or it can come out of nowhere. Some people are completely debilitated; others hide it so well you would never know anything was wrong. One person may be unable to force themselves to leave the house for days, weeks, or even months, while another may want to be surrounded by people at all times. Some will try to self-medicate, some will go to a doctor for the help of prescription medication, for some, talk therapy is best. Others will do nothing at all.

And for some, when it all becomes too much to bear, they will take their own lives.

I have lost friends to suicide. Friends have lost family members. Countless family members and friends struggle with depression every day. I have not been immune to it.

For those who haven’t experienced it, it can be impossible to understand.

“Why can’t you just cheer up?”

“Just get over it.”

But in many cases, a person in the middle of a depressive episode can’t just get over it through sheer determination. So, as we mourn the loss of Robin Williams, please – if you are suffering, just remember these words. You may not believe it at first, but keep repeating it, until you are strong enough to ask for help.

Depression LIES.

You are worthy. Your life has meaning. You will be missed. You are loved.

Rest in peace, Robin. You were worthy. Your life had meaning. You will be missed. You are loved.


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