Book Review: “A Happy Accident” by Evan Tyler

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Synopsis from Amazon:

It happened by accident, a lottery of events…

In 1988, a blind seven-year-old lay in a hospital room longing for her mother, unaware that eight years earlier a chance encounter occurred that would shape her life.

American musician Bobby Carter moved to Manchester, England with one objective—to become a major player in the postpunk scene of the late Seventies. His quest for stardom steers him in the direction of Kindle Hyrum, whose feistiness is only exceeded by her raw beauty. Though Bobby’s steady pursuit trumps Kindle’s cheeky resistance—sweeping them into present bliss—past secrets, new temptations, and a series of hapless and happy accidents will determine their future…and the future of a blind child.

Set to the lyrical soundtrack of the 60s and 70s, A Happy Accident is a story of love and choice that transcends the ages.

I’ve been sitting here staring at an empty page for a while now, trying to decide what to say about this book. Funny, since so many reviewers have said something similar about my own book, which also deals with music and musicians. Also like Idol Hands (and I apologize for being so self-referential, but I’m thinking as I type…) things in A Happy Accident aren’t all tied up with a nice neat bow at the end, and I have to appreciate that. Characters aren’t one-dimensional, and they all make some stupid decisions, along with the good. They are selfish, stubborn, ignorant, loving, giving, and intelligent, all at once. This is part of what makes this book a truly good read.

My only problem with the book is that it ends, very obviously, with a set up to the next book, but THERE’S NO NEXT BOOK YET! This is simply unacceptable! I hope it won’t be too long of a wait to find out what happens to Bobby, Kindle, and Choice (and to find out that Betty Warner fell off the London Bridge!)


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