Don’t Be a Pirate

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I admit it: I Googled myself. (Can you imagine how dirty that would’ve sounded ten or fifteen years ago?)

I was looking to see if there were any new reviews of my book, and I came across a blog link that was mainly gobbledegook, but had a link to “Download Idol Hands.” It took me to a website, which I will not name because I refuse to draw any attention to them, where there was another link to download my book. I was stunned. 

It’s not that I don’t know that these “media sharing” (AKA piracy central) websites are out there, but me? MY little book? Why on earth would anyone want to pirate ME? I’m not making millions off of this book. Heck, I’m not even making enough to buy groceries for the month. That’s just a fact of life as an author: there are not many Nora Robertses, Stephen Kings, or J.K. Rowlings out there. And the truth is, even those bestselling authors, or the multi-millionaire musicians, do not deserve to have their work stolen.

But there’s probably not a whole lot that I can do. The site is basically a “Google” for illegal downloads. Even if that site gets taken down (and that’s still my goal for now) the people who are doing the sharing are still out there. I did get the original blog that I found removed by TypePad (yay for responsible companies!) but I want this site GONE.

However, I really feel like I need to share the communication that I’ve had with them in the past 48 hours. It just goes to show how educated, and refined these jackasses really are. I found their “Contact” form, and put up the link, asking them to take it down, as it was copyright infringement. This astounding piece of literature is what I received in return:


I’d like to pay your attention, that this  is only the promo-material site and it doesn’t really present the possibility for downloading. Or do you see any possibility to download? Media Finder doesn’t connect with this site. More over Media finder doesn’t have any files, so we can’t remove anything. MF is just  like Google.

 So your link is just vacuousness.

Regards. Support team.

Yep. Honestly, I feel like I should just stop writing, because there is no way that I can ever write anything that could possibly compare to such artful prose. I particularly like that last sentence. How often do you get to use the word “vacuousness” in a sentence? Really, it needs to be used far more often. Perhaps something along the lines of “So your ‘brain’ is just vacuousness.” Would that work?

Look, I get that this is a new age, and downloading has created a culture of people who devalue others’ work. I’ve even had people suggest that I should be flattered that someone would even WANT to share my book in this way. The truth is, I didn’t publish my book to get rich (not that I would object if that were to happen, but I also wouldn’t object if the Easter Bunny was to bring me Jordan Knight in my Christmas stocking), so yes, I am happy that someone has read it. If my book was in a library, I’d be proud if a lot of people checked it out – thereby reading it for FREE. But by that person deciding to “share” my book without my permission, they are saying that three years of my work means NOTHING, and I refuse to accept that.

Kids, please remember: stealing is wrong, no matter WHAT you’re stealing, and just because showing someone where they can steal something isn’t illegal, doesn’t make it right.

To those of you who have bought Idol Hands legally, I thank you, and I hope you felt that your money was well-spent. If you haven’t bought it yet, and you’d like to, you can check out the “Where to Buy” page. If whomever it was who decided to “share” the book happens to read this, I really hope you’re proud of yourself. I’m sure my four kids would like to thank you, too. I’d send you a postcard, but I can’t afford the postage.

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  1. shay says:

    I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this I think you book is awesome, and should coat more than it does. I hope these idiots will remove the link.

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