• Be the Good

    Nov 14 • 71 Views • No Comments

    There are days when I get frustrated over the stupid things that people do: the messes that fully grown adults can leave in their wake at the office; the person who insists on tailgating on the highway even when there’s no place for the person in front...

  • Book Review: “The Book of Speculation” by Erika Swyler

    Oct 3 • 121 Views • No Comments

    Goodreads Synopsis: A sweeping and captivating debut novel about a young librarian who is sent a mysterious old book, inscribed with his grandmother’s name. What is the book’s connection to his family? Simon Watson, a young librarian, lives alone...

  • Five Lessons for My Daughter as She Starts High School

    Sep 1 • 400 Views • 1 Comment

    This week, my little girl started high school. My little girl with the Shirley Temple curls, the little girl who could bat her long eyelashes over her big blue eyes and charm anyone. My little girl who seemed to become a teenager overnight. I know she’s...

  • Book Review: “Together Apart” by Natalie K. Martin

    Aug 20 • 267 Views • No Comments

    Synopsis from Goodreads: When Adam proposes to Sarah, the last thing he expects is to be single and heartbroken less than forty-eight hours later. But Sarah has a secret – and she’s willing to sacrifice everything to keep it.  Going through a...

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